Working Tips To Read Books Faster With Full Understanding – Go Beyond Potential

The most important thing to get clear is that reading a book faster or slower depends on the readers. There is a false conception that reading a book faster will not help it to understand. The only time where you will not understand is that when you just skim through the words rather reading at all. It may seem confusing but the main takeaway you should consider is to “read” rather than “skim” the words.


These two types are useful in a different atmosphere, say when you have a newspaper than just “Skimming” is enough but while to a book you need to “Read”. Here we have brought you working tips and tricks for effectively reading books faster which is way above your usual potential. Why wait? Let’s just read, and shine.


There are psychological games played on you whenever you take a book to read by yourself and the surroundings. If you want to overcome these games by winning is to accept they exist and understand to beat them.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE BOOK WITH YOURSELF ALL-TIME – Yes, the truth is the procrastination and overthinking on the outside world. Being concerned about others’ thoughts slows down the book reading. Prepare yourself to carry the book along with you all the time, after a certain period you will naturally read the book having no concern about others.

ALTERNATE BETWEEN GENRES – YES, you should not keep reading one specific genre all the time. Having more than one genre of books gave the exposure to compare and find the contrast for more brainpower.

SKIM FIRST AND THEN READ – This is highly appreciated by many book readers, as skimming the page or a chapter before reading gives you an overall idea of what you are going to read about. When you get an outline then things flow naturally and you will read at a much faster rate as you will visualize things in your mind.

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Here are some online services to practice speed reading.


The first tip is to understand where you are at the current level, so you should measure how many words per minute you read.


Here is a beautiful resource available for free online from Wall Street Journal named the Project WSJ: Speedread, just click on it and start the session. In this session, you will provide with a couple of paragraphs to read and click “Done” once you are finished reading. Then it will display your word per minute speed.



The online service SPREEDER which literally means Speed Reader/Reading helps with speed reading tips and tricks. So, visit this website and start the reading. When you start it, you will have displayed with words displayed at 200 words per minute (wpm) speed.


Start with it and later you can increase/decrease the speed. Once you use this service you will realize how these practices help you to speed read more and more books at a considerable amount of time.

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