World Heart Day – 29th Sep, 2017


World Heart Day is part of an international campaign to spread awareness about the heart disease and its impact in your day to day life. The World Heart Federation have did a survey and found that heart disease are the world’s leading cause of death, this heart and stroke disease killing 17.1 million people every year. This is more than victims of cancer and AIDS.

The heart, as we know it, is the centre of the cardiovascular system and hence responsible for giving life. We have often heard about the importance of taking care of your heart, eating healthy and exercising. This is because, the heart could be under possible attack from many diseases. Blood pressure and cholesterol are main enemies of the heart. Blood pressure should be constantly checked to keep under control.

High blood pressure or hypertension could be due to body weight and eating habits, especially when the Body Mass Index exceeds 30 or more. Excess body weight puts strain on the heart to perform more in order to pump blood to all parts of the body. The harder it works, more pressure is put on your heart and its arteries. Thus blood pressure could impact the heart, negatively if overweight. Always keep your weight in check.

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Cholesterol level should be monitored especially because they are of two kinds, low-density lipoprotein- LDL or the “bad” cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein- HDL or the “good” cholesterol. LDL is found in foods with high saturated fats. When this is consumed in high levels, LDL cholesterol will build up in blood streams and calcify into plaque, blocking blood flow to the rest of the body.

How to lower your chances of being affected by heart disease? Quit smoking. Primary cause of most of the ailments in the body can be attributed to tobacco use.

Monitoring blood pressure levels. Lowering cholesterol levels. Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy body weight.

You can also prepare in advance by making sure you have a good health insurance policy under your name. This will help individuals and family in time of hospitalisation, since cost of treatment should never be the primary concern for those affected. Health insurance is always a good idea, whether the need arises or not.

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