World War 2 Facts: Hitler’s Biggest Blunders that altered the course of the war – Historical Events

Hitler Military Blunders World War 2 Images

It’s well known fact the World War 2 was won by the allies United States, USSR and Britain. It led to the emergence of United States and USSR as the super powers actively beginning the Cold War that ended in 1991 with the dissolution of USSR. What if the alternate occurred where the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) emerged victorious?

Of all the Axis powers, the Germans led by Adolf Hitler were more commanding, powerful and destructive and had the dominance to change the world’s overall political scenario. Irrespective of his charismatic influence and attitude, Adolf Hitler’s strategic blunders led to Germany’s catastrophic defeat in 1945. It would be imbecile to say Germany would have won had Hitler averted that blunders. Rather they could have placed themselves in a better position during the course of the war and aftermath.

#1: The Dunkrik Evacuation, 1940

Smashing all the way through France, On May 23, 1940 when the Wehrmacht were only 18 miles away from the port of Dunkrik which constituted lakhs of BEF (British Expeditionary Force), Belgian and French forces. Instead of capturing the port, Hitler issued a half order for 36 hours that gave enough time for the British Royal Navy to pull out 3,38,226 soldiers which compromised 1.2 lakh Belgian, French and Dutch soldiers. The decision proved futile as the evacuated soldiers played a vital in the Battle of Normandy in 1944.

Dunkrik Evacuation 1940 World War 2 Images

#2: Declaration of war against US, 1941

When Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Roosevelt requested the Congress for a war only against Japan, Germany was no where mentioned. The citizens and the administration weren’t interested in fighting the war on many fronts unless they were threatened. This would have left Britain to defend alone against Germany. In a turn of sorts, four days of the Pearl Harbor attack Hitler declared war against U.S which wasn’t necessary in the first place.

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1941 Hitler Declares War against United States of America World War 2 Images

#3: Battle of Britain, 1940

Germany’s Air force Luftwaffe launched an attack on Britain’s RAF airfields during August 1940 in an attempt to establish air superiority and defeat Britain. With RAF vastly outnumbered and facing heavy onslaught, Britain’s defeat was sure until Hitler instructed the Luftwaffe to target the civilians instead of completely decimating the airfields. This gave RAF enough time to recuperate and attack the Germans Air force winning the Battle of Britain.

1940 Battle Of Britain London Blitz World War 2 Images

#4: Invasion of Soviet Union, 1941

Hitler’s initial invasions of Poland and other countries were tolerated by Britain and United States as they believed it would check the growth of Communism. Hitler loathed Communists and Slavic tribes as he considered them sub-human races. With Soviet Union offering vast supplies of living space and resource supplies, Hitler planned to subjugate Soviet launching Operation Barbarossa in July 1941 with intent to destroy the Soviet forces with a lightning speed rather than a prolonged one. With great success Wehrmacht were close to Moscow and about to go for the final kill before Hitler made an another blunder by redirecting the forces the vast fields of Ukraine and Caucasus region for capturing the oil and natural resources which he deemed important for his War efforts.

1941 Operation Barbarossa Hitler war against Russia World War 2 Images

Had Moscow fallen, Hitler need not have fought from so many fronts for the next 4 years which would lead him to utilize his resources more effectively and what more to imagine, a different course of history would have happened.

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