Worried About Your Online Privacy? Time To Use Epic Browser

In today’s world, needless to mention that all or most of our activities are being tracked by the government and other third-party vendors for various reasons. Some governments claim that for the reason of security, they are monitoring our internet activities and any other task we do online.

Source: File Hippo
Source: File Hippo

This pisses us off in every possible way, as we have to guard important activities of ourselves like engaging in an internet transaction, our private life, and many other personal things. In a situation like you should consider using effect web browser application like the EPIC web browser or the TOR web browser, both guards you on the Internet and provides you with internet anonymity.


A web browser, as we know, it is the intermediate between the user and the Internet. A web browser is something very important while accessing the Internet. Web browsers play themselves as the bridge between the user and their activities on the Internet. There were numerous web browser applications in every region, but only a few truly provided their users with complete anonymity.


EPIC browser isn’t like just any other web browser that falsely provides features to keep us out from any physical attractions and all. The EPIC browser is generally a privacy-centric web browser developed by Mr. Hidden Reflex and based on Chromium source code.

The browser provides an in-built VPN/proxy to secure the online communications that happen in the browser. This is an encrypted tunnel that relays the connection between the browser and the target website with a a specific number of nodes.


Incognito mode is something that is available in most of today’s web browsers which say to let the user browse privately, and no activity will be tracked or monitored for later references as it has been done for regular browsing mode.

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Common benefits they said to be offering are:

  1. Browsing history will not be saved
  2. Cookies and site data also will not be saved
  3. Forms information or data
  4. No tracking of website you have visited
  5. ISP also denied from tracking your activities

Even though all these benefits are said to be applicable in browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, researchers who have tested the application do not feel comfortable as there seems to be tracking and activity logs are saved irrespective of the user being in incognito mode.

So, changing over to browsers like TOR and EPIC is wise if you are worried about your online privacy. The best thing about these two browsers is that they are available for FREE. EPIC browser comes with chromium layout, which most of us prefer to have, and the TOR browser is with Firefox layout with no short of security to oneself.

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