You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Salt and Sugar

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Salt and sugar are the two most important ingredients of any kitchen. We cannot find any kitchen without these two ingredients. Also, the salt and sugar are the two most important ingredients used for most of the dishes. Not only for food items but also these components are used for some other purposes also. Both salt and sugar offer more benefits to the people. This is the reason why people use these two components majorly in their daily food.

Truths behind sugar


Sugar is an important component that is used for many applications. It occupies an important role in the food preparation and beverages. Food items, drinks, cookies, cakes, ice creams etc. As sugar has this much importance it is exported in large quantity by the white sugar exporters in India. There are some truths behind sugar that you must know. Some of them are

Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes

That is if it is taken in right amount it doesn’t cause diabetes. However, too much sugar does. Diabetes means your body can’t clear glucose from your blood. And when glucose isn’t processed quickly enough, it destroys tissue. That’s what diabetes is, all about-being unable to eliminate glucose. The bad consequence of eating a lot of sugar is it increases the glucose level. Therefore, if you take the right amount of sugar it won’t be a problem

 It is not an addictive

Sugar is not addictive. It has no established relationship to diseases like Alzheimer’s. Some studies on diabetes suggest that eating sugar does not cause or accelerate the onset of this disease. Controlling diabetes means control of calories and this is the reason why sugar, as well as other carbohydrates, is to be watched

Sugar is not the poison that it is made out to be. Everything in excess is poison. Choose a good brand of organic sugar where no chemical compound is used in its refinement and use it.

Truth behind salt

The salt is available in different types which are exported by the salt exporters in India. In all over the world, salt is a key ingredient for any type of dish. Whether it is the small or large amount it definitely takes part in the food preparation.

It cannot make you fat

Salt does not and cannot make you fat. However, salt can make you weigh more because of water retention. Clearly, this extra weight is only temporary because once the extra salt is gone the excess water will be gone. It is important to know that extra water does not mean extra fat.

There is a different variety of salt called Himalayan salt. This salt contains about 70 minerals. When comparing its pink color to the white color of the table salt, it is rich in minerals. Another natural variety of salt is the sea salt. This salt is created by evaporating the sea water and it has no processing. As it involves no processing it has naturally occurred minerals.

All these information are the general facts about the salt and sugar that everyone should know about it.


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