Different Eye Colors and Personality Traits Surfolks

Your Eye Color holds key to one’s Personality. Go Ahead and Find Yours

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Famous American poet Henry David Thoreau once quoted “The Eye is the jewel of the body”, a famous Romanian proverb says “The eyes have one language everywhere” and Psychologists believe a person’s eyes reveal their thoughts. Such is Eye’s importance from biological, philosophical, psychological, mental and artistic perspective. Eyes are the visual gateway to one’s world.

Blue Eyes Eye Color and Personality Surfolks

Could the color of one’s eye reveal one’s personality? Though Speculative it provides interesting perspectives. Basically human’s eye colors are grouped into Black, Blue, Brown, Gray and Hazel. An article published in Medical Daily states people with dark colors (Black/Brown) are more agreeable, responsible and trustworthy while people with blue eyes are competitive and even egoistical.


Brown Eyes Eye Color and Behaviour Surfolks

Brown eyed ones sleep less than other persons with a varying sleep routine and have trouble getting up in the morning according to a paper published in NCBI Journal . Grey eyed persons are perceived to be more balanced with an exceptional ability to understand various opinions and perspectives while Hazel eyes are considered unique and different. Besides from one’s personality, eye color seems to have a connection with one’s aging and pain tolerance according to post published in Medical Daily.

Do the above eye aspects match yours??

Comment your thoughts. An interesting discussion is always on cards….

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