53000 Megapixel Image of Bentleys Mulsanne using NASA technology

Zoom, Zoom and keep Zooming till you are done: 53,000 Megapixel Image of Bentley’s Mulsanne


53000 Megapixel Image of Bentleys Mulsanne using NASA technology

Known for its accuracy for even the minute details, British Luxury car maker Bentley Motors published an unbelievable 53,000 Megapixel image of their popular model Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase. The car makers who handcraft their powerful luxury automobile created the image by employing NASA’s technology. The 53-Billion pixel image was constructed by merging photographs taken from 70 cameras.

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Says Bentley, the printing the 53-Thousand Megapixel image would cover the size of an entire football field. Tough to visualize!!! Besides, NASA utilized the technology used for reproducing panoramic images sent by the Curiosity Rover from Mars .The image will take at least close to five hours or even more depending upon your internet bandwidth to download.

You could zoom enough to see the Bentley logo stitched in the passenger seat of the limousine. Click here to view the spectacular image.

Courtesy: Digital Trends (Image)

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